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Almost all musical electronics available are made of quality parts and can be expected to perform in a consistent way, and therein lies the problem. There are a million of the same pedals out there all producing the same sound, we can help give and extra edge to what you have, or bring the old stuff back to spec.

Send us an email, let us know what you have and something about your desired result. We’ll respond with a quote. Most pedal modifications can be done for $10-$15 in parts and $30-$50 in bench work and return ship the next business day. Tube amp work can usually be return shipped the next week.

We deal simply and directly. Quite a few services out there are primarily invested in the business of selling mojo. The fact of the matter is that we’re all largely making the same modifications and component replacements. You will be paying for quality components, and solid benchwork rather than salesmanship and marketing.


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If you’re like me and most of the long time players I know, you likely have more than a few years  worth of gigging under your belt. Chances are good that you’ve also used most of the tools of the trade at one time or another. From the latest digital whiz-bang device to historic re-issues of classic  stuff, the quest for ‘that sound’ is a neverending one. At MrFrKr, our aim is to provide an edge, maybe your old pedals could use a mark of distinction, maybe that old tube amp is due for a cap job or just a re-tube and bias, maybe that old guitar needs the kind of setup you can’t get at the big box music stores. Chances are, we can help.