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Hammond Organ Service



What we provide are electronic services for the casual and professional musician. Your signal chain is everything, every piece plays its part and a few bad actors can spoil an otherwise incredible rig. We can keep your gear in top notch condition, or customize to meet your needs.  

Amplifier Services
Effect Pedal Modifications

We can modify or alter almost any analog pedal. The most common donors are Boss and Ibanez product lines due to low cost, however good results can be obtained using Morley, Danelectro, Dunlop or other platforms as donors. There is not much we can do with digital pedals.

We can repair most thing that go wrong with tube amplifiers. Cap jobs and re-bias a specialty. We can also modify your tone stack or add a gain stage to get that something special you ‘ve been missing.


We have an unhealthy love for the roaring sound of a Hammond organ. Over the last 5 decades, many attempts have been made to recreate this sound digitally, some with pleasing results, but nothing compares to the original. We can keep your tonewheel Hammond and Leslie roaring.